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Is StopSlide suitable for all patients?


Absolutely Not!

StopSlide isn’t recommended for very tall people 7′+ or for people laying flat in bed. It’s most suitable for people who need to stay inclined in bed for prolonged periods of time either for respiratory illness or digestive illness. This is a very real problem that patients,┬áDoctors, and caretakers face everyday. The effort to keep patients upright in bed to prevent fluid buildup in the lungs and thus pneumonia has been a long time struggle and has caused repetitive back injuries for caretakers constantly having to lift patients back into an upright position. StopSlide helps the patient use their own feet to keep from sliding down in bed reducing the injuries caretakers incur from constantly having to slide patients up in bed and improving the overall care and health of the patient.

Types of patients that should never attempt to use StopSlide:

  • Comatose or severely confused patients
  • Combative patients or patients that are uncontrollable
  • Patients without the strength to exert pressure with their feet or legs

We advise all patients and caregivers that have any question about whether StopSlide is right for them or their patients to check with their Doctor before ordering or attempting to use StopSlide!!

Remember that StopSlide is merely a tool that assists cognitive and physically competent patients to remain in an elevated position in bed.